Spectacular 60'S

'Themes & Decorations'

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Colors: Tie Dye

Design Ideas Early 60's:

Design Ideas Late 60's:

You're welcome!  We decided not to use the "mind altering" background that you just saw for this page - whew - but we hope it got you in a 'groovy' mood!

If you are considering a sixties theme, remember that you could go with 'Early Sixties', 'Late Sixties' or both.

Early sixties will have some 'fifties' flair and late sixties will have some 'seventies'.


wpe71.jpg (77641 bytes)Speaking of Spectacular!  This massive 15' Flower Design is customized to suit your individual taste!

Select your favorite color or style balloons and best of all, it can be hung vertical OR horizontal!



wpe7C.jpg (17649 bytes)This photo does not do this gigantic Groovy Balloon Person 'justice'!

This is just an example!  We can craft male or female in your choice of colors and sizes.




wpe80.jpg (34023 bytes)Colossal Peace Sign - You name the size!  For an extra flawless appearance, we will pre-paint the frame.  Select from your choice of colors or styles of balloons.

These 5' Letters separated the dining area from a more dimly lit dance floor to create the ideal background for letters brought to life with Chasing Lights.  Can be rigged from the ceiling or the floor.



wpe159.jpg (38973 bytes)Pictured Left: Star Balloon Drop.
Includes Release Cord & Ceiling Clips.

Ask about other Shapes and Sizes!





Also Available:


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Catering Supplies:

Custom Imprinted Napkins Now Available!








Have you ever seen a professional theme designer's invoice?  Cost can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and just provide a one time use.

This is a terrific vendor.  A very cost effective alternative to professional theme design.

Many of the high costs of theme design involve the Set-up and Placement.

Our corrugated decorations include Delivery and Set-up.

This vendor's costs vary, so we have not listed the prices.  Please Contact Us for a quote.

Not all items pictured are listed.  Individual items are available.

Floor, Wall and Ceiling Dressings available.


wpeF.jpg (92341 bytes)Pictured Left: "Groovy the Times" Kit:
Kit includes:


wpe11.jpg (41081 bytes)Pictured Left: "Funkadelic Love" Kit:
Kit includes:



wpe7A.jpg (47933 bytes)Pictured Left: "Retro Romance" Kit:
Kit includes:




wpe1F.jpg (53331 bytes)Pictured Left: Retro Bug Standee:
Tie Dye Gossamer 19"X50yd..




wpe12C.jpg (15843 bytes)Pictured Left: Love Centerpiece 7" (pair).




Pictured Below are Corrugated Themes that may go well with, or contains pieces that you can integrate into your 1960's theme.

As with all of our available products, if you see an extra special component of a design that you want for extended use - we will build it for you!


More Peace and Love for your Sixties Theme.Pictured Left: "Wings of Love" Kit:
Kit includes:




wpe147.jpg (79803 bytes)Pictured Left: "One Wish" Kit:
Kit includes:


wpe149.jpg (96539 bytes)Pictured Left: "Music of the Night" Kit:
Kit includes:


wpe14B.jpg (88552 bytes)Pictured Left: "Stargate Escapade" Kit:
Kit Includes:



wpe145.jpg (131078 bytes)Pictured Left: "New York, New York" Kit:
Kit Includes:




wpe13D.jpg (74773 bytes)Pictured Left:





wpe14D.jpg (137258 bytes)Pictured Left: "Manhattan Mystique" (Big City Theme):
Kit KC-120 includes:

wpe141.jpg (81902 bytes)Pictured Left:
Empire State Building (available without heart) and Skyscrapers. 






Use Components of this design for your Sixties Theme.Pictured Left: "Above the Lights" (Big City Theme):
Kit KC-120 includes:


Check Out the Skyline or Star Columns for your Sixties Theme.Pictured Left: "Tonight Tonight" (Big City Theme) Kit:
Kit KC-200 Includes:


Check Out the 'Hollywood' Skyline for your Sixties Theme.Pictured Left: "Lights, Camera, Action!" (Hollywood Theme) Kit:
Kit KC-1285 Includes:

Check Out the Hollywood Hills Backdrop and the Palm Trees for your Sisties Theme.Pictured Left: "Red Carpet Affair" (Hollywood Theme) Kit:
Kit KC-960 Includes:

Check Out the Hollywood mural for your Sixties Theme.Customized Wording






wpe155.jpg (78414 bytes)Pictured Left: Starlight Sphere Lights
7-1/2".  100 Lights.  Weather Resistant.





wpe157.jpg (66091 bytes)Pictured Left: Paper Lanterns
12".  Includes Light Fixture.






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Any Color Available.


Live Entertainment:

Don't forget the Casino!  Blackjack was just making it's way onto the scene in the early 1960's.

Sinatra/ Rat Pack Standees or Backgrounds available.

Baccarat Available Now!





Austin Powers Impersonator Available!



Rat Pack Tribute Act:





Beatles Tribute Act.









Elvis Tribute Act:

wpe17B.jpg (13392 bytes)    wpe17E.jpg (12123 bytes)

Also see 1950's and 1970's Elvis.


60's Match Game GAME SHOW!



Also Available:


Party Supplies:


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wpe165.jpg (14789 bytes)1960's Rock Band Costumes.  4 Colors.



wpe167.jpg (11351 bytes)




wpe16C.jpg (8817 bytes)






wpeDE.jpg (38312 bytes)Plastic Polka Dot Derby Hats.  Assorted Neon Colors.  10".  FXEU-25/561 $7.95/ Dozen.



wpeE5.jpg (61490 bytes)Synthetic Neon Wigs.  13".  One size.
FXEU-25/2559 Blue
FXEU-25/2469 Orange
FXEU-25/2470 Green
FXEU-25/2471 Purple
FXEU-25/2472 Pink
$7.95/ Ea..

wpeF1.jpg (42844 bytes)Cotton Tie Dye Bandannas.  Assorted Colors.  20"X20".  FXEU-15/34.  $12.95/ Dozen.



wpeF3.jpg (26090 bytes)Leather Braided Enamel Flower Necklaces.  With 7/8" Charm.  Assorted Neon Colors.  17".  FXEU-24/1629 $6.95/ Dozen.



wpeF5.jpg (17007 bytes)Plastic Rainbow Peace Necklaces.  23" Cord.  (4 Dozen per Unit).  FXEU-24/12540 $8.95/ Unit.

Bulk: (12 Dozen per Unit).  FXGV-24/1254-P $24.95/ Unit.


wpe10B.jpg (6418 bytes)Shades of the 60's.  (12/ Pkg..  Assorted Colors).  MMBA10777 $15.95/ Pkg..


wpe10E.jpg (5552 bytes)Peace Sunglasses.  MMSGGLLEP $1.95/ Ea..


wpe110.jpg (11961 bytes)Peace Beads.  (12/ Pkg. - 33", Assorted Colors).  MMMGPEA33 $3.95/ Pkg..






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wpeF9.jpg (28236 bytes)Plastic Glow in the Dark Moon and Star Beaded Curtain.  10 Strands.  24"X78".  FXEU-26/1434 $10.95/ Ea.



wpeFB.jpg (31253 bytes)Plastic Silver-Plated Ball Beaded Curtain.  10 Strands.  24"X78".  FXEU-26/1575 $10.95/ Ea..


wpeFD.jpg (34645 bytes)Plastic Smiley Face Daisy Beaded Curtain.  10 Strands.  24"X78".  FXEU-26-1361 $10.95/ Ea..



wpeFF.jpg (36789 bytes)Plastic Love Beads Beaded Curtain.  10 Strands.  24"X78".  FXEU-26/40 $10.05/ Ea.



wpe112.jpg (6495 bytes)Plastic Music Notes.  (7/ Pkg..  13" each.)  MM965880
$10.95/ Pkg..

wpe118.jpg (14632 bytes)Inflatable Saxophone (33").  Assorted Colors.  MMB933009 $2.79/ Ea..



wpe11A.jpg (7981 bytes)Inflatable Electric Guitar (42").  MMB933014 $1.95/ Ea..






wpe11C.jpg (10659 bytes)Inflatable Keyboard (24").  MMB933124 $2.95/ Ea..





wpe11E.jpg (21878 bytes)Mob Marley (23"X35") and Doors (26"X36") Posters.
Marley MM792050 $10.95/ Ea..  Doors MM7998191 $10.95/ Ea..



wpe120.jpg (11405 bytes)Music Note Foil Hanging Cascade.  (24").  MM81240008 $9.95/ Ea..




wpe124.jpg (3537 bytes)Music Note Confetti.  .5oz.  Multi-color.  MMCCL8495 $3.49/ Pkg..


wpe126.jpg (5609 bytes)Plastic Instruments.  3/ Pkg..  17-21".  Flat sided.  MM965879GD $9.95/ Pkg..






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Giveaways/ Prizes:

wpeB7.jpg (13292 bytes)Tie Dye Mushroom Candle FXGV-26/224 $8.95/ Ea..



wpeBB.jpg (24844 bytes)Wooden Personalized Smiley Face Pencils.  Up to 30 Characters.  (2 Dozen per Unit).  FXEU-47/249 $4.95/ Unit.

wpeBF.jpg (9172 bytes)Smiley Face Stickers.  Assorted Colors.  (100 stickers per Roll).  1-1/2" FXEU-12/708 $2.95/ Roll.


wpeC2.jpg (14325 bytes)Smiley Face Spiral Notepads.  Assorted Designs.  3"X5" 30 pgs..  FXEU-9/712 $3.95/ Dozen.



wpeC5.jpg (13372 bytes)Double Coated Groovy Playing Cards.  2-1/4" X 3-1/2".  FXEU-8/144 $9.95/ Dozen Decks.



wpeC8.jpg (17280 bytes)Plastic Mini Rainbow Flying Discs.  3-1/2".  FXEU-12/1682 $3.95/ Dozen. 



wpe163.jpg (89036 bytes)Acrylic Skateboard Necklaces.  Assorted Styles.  (6 per pkg./ 12 pkgs. per unit).  3-1/4".  30" Nylon Cord.  FXGV-24/1006-p



wpeE7.jpg (18336 bytes)Canvas Tie Dyed Tote Bag.  8-1/2"X2-1/2"X8-1/2".  FXEU-14/123 $19.95/ Dozen.



wpeCE.jpg (33499 bytes)Cellophane Groovy Goody Bags.  (12pcs. per unit).  5-1/2"X3-1/4"X11".  FXEU-26/2042 Daisy.



wpeD1.jpg (38133 bytes)Dots and Stripes Gift Bags.  Glossy finish with rope cord handles.  Assorted Designs.  7-1/2"X3-1/2"X9".  FXEU-26/2168 $6.95/ Dozen.


wpeD4.jpg (54450 bytes)Paper Tie Dye Bags.  Assorted swirl designs and bright colors.  FXEU-3/188 $3.95/ Dozen.


wpeD7.jpg (28642 bytes)Ceramic Piggy Banks.  Assorted Designs.  4"X3".  FXEU-2/1062 $17.95/ Dozen.



wpeDA.jpg (62750 bytes)Tie Dye Kites.  Assorted Designs.  Include 58" Tails and kite string on plastic handle.  19"X28".  FXEU-26/1488 $12.95/ Dozen.





wpe114.jpg (3046 bytes)Flower Stem Acrylic Glass.  Add some flower power to your tables.  14oz.  MM0110U15 $8.95/ Ea..





wpe15D.jpg (12838 bytes)wpe15B.jpg (37907 bytes)Pictured Left: An example of a Glass available for Custom Imprinting.

Many Styles and Designs to Choose!






wpe161.jpg (61277 bytes)Plastic 60's Yo-Yo Key Chains.  Assorted Styles.  (1 dz. per pkg./ 6 pkgs. per unit)  1-1/2".  FXGV-19/184V $31.95/ Unit.




Also Available (not pictured):


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This category can be unlimited.  We will build the right prop for you from your ideas or ours!

This is a drawing of a sign that we are fabricating right now - available soon.  Sinantra played at the 500 Club in New Jersey in the 60's and early 70's.  Sign will be approx. 60" wide X 24" high with black characters on a white background.  The sign will be displayed from atop a 7' pvc tubular frame.  Check back for completed photos.  You WILL BE impressed!

Here are a few of the signs that we have completed.



Here is another prop we are constructing.  We got the idea from the VW Bug shown above.  This VW Bus will be a perfect compliment to the Bug and the subject will be able to take a seat behind (inside) the bus.




Check this out:
'Rat Pack' Standees available Soon!




'Beatles' Standee Now Available!


Props Available Now:


Also Available: JFK (Standee & Campaign Button) and Mobster (Giancanna).


We saved the Best for Last!

Through an exclusive vendor, we rent Atomic Dimensional Soft Goods.

With creative lighting these unique shapes can transform the look of a production.  Imagine them on stage, on an event floor or flanking projection screens.  They may be all the scenery you need!  These remarkably lightweight pieces install easily without tools.

Pictured below are two popular pieces and several other designs are available.

Geometric Wall in White Sharkstooth.

Integral rods cause the pyramid top unfold effortlessly.  "D" rings at apex of each pyramid form attachment points.

Use either the convex or concave side.

23'4"H X 20'W X 2'D  50 lbs.


Hoop Columns.

White Spandex over PVC Hoops creates a lightweight scenic element that plays big for any event.

Unfolds like an accordian out of it's storage bag.  Now in two sizes.

FR: Fire Resistant.

30'H X 45"W  23 lbs.
15'H X 22"W  11 lbs.


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