Attention: All Volunteers, Sponsors and Casino Night Participants:

Re: Dealers

Greetings ____________________ and Volunteers,

Thank you for all your help thus far in helping to make our mission of ___________________________ a success, now it's time for some good 'ol fashioned FUN Raisin' fun and smiles!

If you have not heard, we are planning an evening of fun-filled interactive entertainment in the form of a CASINO NIGHT on ___/___/_____ from ___ to ___ pm.

DEALER VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!  Experience some excitement from the other side of the table!

Please contact ______________________________ at ____________________________ to sign up.

Dealers and Casino Staff Members needed for the following positions:
· Blackjack (__)
· Let it Ride (__)
· Three Card Poker (__)
· Red Dog (__)
· Chuck-A-Luck (__)
· Color Wheel/ Big Wheel (__)
· Pai Gow (__)
· Caribbean Stud (__)
· Dog Racing/ Horse Racing (__)
· Red Dog (__)
· Texas Hold ‘Em Poker (__)
· Traditional Poker (__)
· Craps (__)
· Roulette (__)
· Pachislo Slot Machines (__)
· Pachinko Machines (__)
· Pit Boss (__)
· Tellers (__)
· Runners (__)
· Floaters/ Extras (__)

We will conduct a relaxed and informal training session that will last between 1 and 2 hours on __/__/_____ starting at ___ .

Whether you are an expert, a player or have never been into a casino before, you will all be "experts" after the training!

Below are very brief job descriptions for the games. Please note table capacity as this will be the maximum amount of guests that you will have to focus on at your game to avoid crowding. Additionally, you only need to deal to players that have their bet properly placed in designated spot.

Players will approach your game with 'fun money' and you will buy them in for chips. It is a good idea to limit initial buy-in's to $1000-2000 as to keep the most chips in your tray and not run out. It is also a good idea to routinely 'color-up' players that you notice have large stacks of a certain denomination into smaller stacks.

Evening end redemption: You will ‘cash-out’ players at your table- method to be announced.

Blackjack, also called"21":
Capacity: Seven Players.
How it works:
Players place a bet in the spot. You will deal clockwise one card face up to each player, then one face down to yourself. You then deal another face up to each player and your second card face up. Starting left to right (clockwise) you will serve each player. Players can double their bet on first two cards only, split pairs into two hands, hit or stand. You will peak at your down card only with a ten showing and offer insurance with an ace before peeking. As you serve each player you will take the bet first and then the cards of any losing hands. After you serve each player, you flip up your down card and pay the winners and take the losers right from to left (counter-clockwise). All bets pay even money. Blackjacks pay 3-2 (1 ˝-1 and Insurance pays 2-1.

Let it Ride:
Capacity: Seven Players.
How it works:
This game is based on a 5-card poker hand, three cards and two community cards.  Players place up to three wagers in designated spots. You will deal clockwise three cards to each player face up and two face down to yourself. After initial deal players have an opportunity to draw back one of their three wagers. You will then turn over one of your two cards- these are community cards. After first dealer card is turned over, players have the opportunity to draw back another wager, or they can 'let it ride'. You will then flip over second card and pay counter-clockwise according to odds that are printed right on the table. This game is very fun because your money goes farther and very simple to deal.

Three Card Poker:
Capacity: Seven Players.
How it works:
This game is based on a 3-card poker hand. Capacity: Seven. How it works: Players place one or two wagers. You will deal clockwise three cards to each player face up and three face down to yourself. You will then give players a chance to place a third wager, or a raise. You will then flip over your three cards. If you have a queen or better the raises are active, otherwise they push (tie). Whether you have a queen or not, you will still pay or take the player’s bets while paying according to odds printed on layout. This game is VERY simple to deal and is very fun to play because like Let it Ride, you have multiple wagers. Best Part: Players only have three cards so it is very easy to get a decent hand.

Red Dog:
Capacity: Seven Players.
How it works:
Also called 'in between' or 'acey-ducey'.  Players place a wager. You will then deal two cards face up in front of you at which point players can raise if they think the next card will be in-between the initial two cards. You will then flip a third card and pay according to the odds printed on the table. This game is very quick and simple.

Texas Hold ‘Em:
Capacity: Six, Eight or Twelve Players.
How it works:
Players ante before each round begins. You will deal each player two cards and the betting begins. You will then flip up three cards (called 'the flop')- players will bet additional wagers that must be ‘called’ by players wishing to remain in that round. You will then flip a fourth card ('turn' card) followed by more betting. Finally you will flip a fifth card (the 'river') followed by another round of betting and there is a showdown. Throughout the betting rounds players may opt to go 'all-in' and risk all their chips.  Note: When players go all in:  First keep the 'all-in bets' separate.  Make note of the lowest 'all-in bet' and subtract players chips over that amount from their stack into a separate pile between the higher-betting players.  This pot(s) is split between the higher betting player at the end of the round.

Capacity: Eight, Twelve, Twenty or more Players.
How it works:
There is a shooter and the dice pass clockwise. Players may place many wagers and bet with the shooter (called the 'pass bet') or against the shooter (the 'don't pass bet').  The shooter must bet on the pass line, others may bet on either the 'pass line' or 'don't pass line'.
Initial First Roll: (called the 'come out') Pass Bet (also called 'pass line'): 7 or 11 wins- 2,3 or 12 loses- any other number becomes the 'point'.
Don't Pass: 2 or 3 wins- 12 is a tie- 7 or 11 loses- any other number becomes point.
After come out: Shooter must make point before rolling a 7 (pass wins).  Don't pass wins on a 7.  The shooter keeps the dice until he or she rolls a 7.
The various wagers pay from 1-1 (even money) up to 30-1. There are one-roll bets and also bets that remain until a certain number is rolled (usually a seven.. most bets lose on a seven <except on the comeout> with the exception of 'any 7' bets, 'any craps' bets, 'don't' bets, 'c&e' bets and 'off' bets.
Some bets remain until a 7 is rolled such as 'place', 'buy' & 'lay' bets and the 'hardway' bets.
Some bets are 'one roll' bets.. such as the 'field', 'c&e', 'any 7', 'any craps', 'horn bet' and 'proposition' bets.

This game will by far be the most challenging and only those that have at least played craps before should sign up.

Capacity: Eight or Twelve Players.
How it works: Players place various bets across the table as you spin the ball until you say "no more bets" (when the ball starts to fall). You then place the roulette marker on the winning number and clear all the losing bets and then pay the winners from smallest to largest.

Pachislo Slot Machines:
Capacity: One Player (try to keep it fair if many are waiting to play.)
How it works:  Your primary job in maintaining the slots will be to distribute tokens as well as bonus fun money to keep the slot players "in the money". You will also have to empty or fill machines as needed and also tend to mechanics such as a coin jam or resetting the machine(s). 

Your primary job will be to distribute 'fun money' to guests, cash out players and direct them to the games.

Your primary job will be to empty and fill dealer trays as needed


Blackjack Dealers:
Name                            Phone        Comments                                                 
1)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
2)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
3)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
4)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
5)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
6)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
7)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Let it Ride Dealers:
8)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
9)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

3 Card Poker Dealer:
10)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Red Dog Dealer:
11)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Poker Dealers: Poker Dealers will work together as a team in conjunction with tournaments.
12)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
13)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
14)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
15)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Craps 6’ Dealer:
16)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Craps 8’ Dealers: Craps 8’ will require One Dealer and One Croupier (Stickman).
17)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
18)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Roulette 6’ Dealer:
19)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Roulette 8’ Dealer:
20)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Slot (25) Attendants: Slot Attendants will work together as a team to manage all slots.
21)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
22)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Tellers: One Teller will man stationary cage near chips and work with Runner, other teller will man rolling cage.
23)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
24)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Runner: Runner will ‘Run Chips and Funny Money’ from cashier between tables.
25)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

Extras: Floaters, will give breaks to dealers and fill-in as needed/ no shows.
26)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     
27)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________     

28)__________________________    ____________  _____________________________________________________