High Stakes:

We include a complete bank of cheque and fun money denominations with attractive custom designs.

Genuine gaming industry cheques (chips) with denominations inlayed right on the chip up to $100,000 make that dream of betting a worry-free thousand bucks or more per hand a reality - although you'll probably still notice that little bead of sweat on your brow!

PLAQUES_Spread.png (1468526 bytes)

And since we use actual Paulson and Chipco professional gaming cheques, you will feel as though you are actually in a casino.  Rely on Amerifun for the most Las Vegas-like experience!

As an added bonus, our $100k cheques (pictured left) are a rectangular high-limit Plaques Design that even a few real high-rollers have never seen.  Count on Amerifun to deliver all the extras!  

Our custom fun money in assorted colors with denominations up to $25,000 provides a means for easy initial funds distribution and event-end redemption.  Plan your casino party with confidence, Amerifun provides all the tools which offers no confusion for guests!

Our large fun money and cheque bank also affords you with added security for fundraising events.