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Dance Floor Coming soon to Wichita, KS.

We have just acquired a dance floor.  Nearly 1000 sq. feet available... however, we need to re-finish it first.  Estimated ready date spring 2009.

But please keep it in mind.  This will not be your same old unadorned wood dance floor.  We have decided to finish the individual 3'X3' section BLACK and WHITE.  The advantages of this are that it will go nicely with your theme decorating as to where a typical brown wood floor would be just a little plain.

For example, the black and white color scheme goes perfect with a 1920's theme or a 1950's theme, as well as many others.  Also Check This Out (our own original idea): We have one red section too, this adds a unique touch of modern abstract to the design of the floor.
Another advantage of the schema is that this dance floor is technically 3 dance floors in 1.. and maybe 4 as well!  You see, we CAN ALSO PROVIDE ALL WHITE OR ALL BLACK DANCE FLOOR.
Additionally, any color request considered.  We have plenty of space sections so if you want a crazy color arrangement or a specific color choice, just ask.. we may be able to accommodate your color request (s).

Photos available soon.

Each section is 3' X 3' and weighs approx 75lbs. each.  Delivery is additional.  Note: Venue must provide ground-floor roll-in access.  We cannot deliver upstairs without freight elevator.

Rates are for 24 hours.

Dance Floor Chart:

# of
# of Dancers Size of Dance Floor
(sq. ft)
Number of 3'X3'
Rental Rate.
You can Pick-up.
Delivery Fee
Includes Set-up.
Total w/ Delivery
60 20 9'X9' (81) 9 $180 $75 $255
100 30 12'X12' (144) 16 $320 $125 $445
150 50 15'X15' (225) 25 $500 $200 $700
200 70 18'X18' (324) 36 $720 $300 $1020
275 90 21'X21' (441) 49 $980 $400 $1380
400 140 24'X24' (576) 64 $1280 $525 $1805
500 170 27'X27' (729) 81 $1620 $650 $2270
600 200 30'X30' (900)        
1000 350 42'X42' (1764)        
1500 550 54'X54' (2916)