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Rates are subject to change at the discretion of our vendor  Sales Tax, Delivery and Gratuity (Full-service Catering) are not included in these rates.

These rates ARE NOT current as of 2006 but your proposal will include current rates.

A small additional amount of some party rental items will be added on to your order to allow for extras.  For example:  If a guests drops their napkin on the floor or needs another fork, another plate, etc..


Water Goblet Small or Large $0.40
Wine Glass 6.5-8.5oz. Red $0.60
Wine Glass 6-8oz. White $0.60
Wine Glass 12-20oz. All Purpose $0.80
Tulip or Crystal Champagne 6-8oz. $0.60
Flute Champagne 4.5-6.5oz. $0.60
Saucer Champagne $0.60
Gibraltar Highball 6 & 12oz. $0.60
Old Fashion Highball 6-12oz. $0.40
Water (Tall) 14oz. $0.50
Beer Pint Glass 14oz. $0.60
Beer Mug 14oz. $0.60
Beer Pilsner $0.90
Beer Pitcher $4.95
Martini Glass 9-12oz. $0.95
Margarita Glass 9-14oz. $0.95
Brandy Snifter $0.95
Punch Cups 5-7.5oz. $0.30
Roly Poly $0.30
Irish Coffee Mug $0.90
Old Fashion Cafe Water Glass $0.20
Cordial/ Sherry Glass $0.80

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