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Rates are subject to change at the discretion of our vendor.  Sales Tax, Delivery and Gratuity (Full-service Catering) are not included in these rates.

These rates are current as of August 2007.


'LB White' Tent Heater  
Forced Air Heater  
Radiant Heater  
Patio Heater  
Pot Belly  


Port-A-CoolŽ Evaporative Cooling Unit 48" (pictured below #1) $400 Regional Midwest
Port-A-CoolŽ Evaporative Cooling Unit 16" (pictured below #2) $200 Home Kansas
Mega BreezeŽ Portable Evaporative Cooling System 48" (below #3) $350 Home Kansas
Versa-KoolŽ Mist Fan 12" by Schaefer (pictured below) $100 Regional Midwest
Versa-KoolŽ Tent Fan 12" $60 Regional Midwest
Pedestal Mist Fan 30" (pictured below) $100 Regional Midwest
Swamp Cooler (currently out of service for repairs) $175 Home Kansas
Ceiling Fan with Light  
Tent Air Conditioning Quote
Exact sizes or models may vary.  Please ask for details.  


Port-A-CoolŽ Evaporative Cooling Unit 48" (#1)

For large summer events, the Port-A-Cool units stand alone in the portable cooling category.  Cools 4000 sq. ft..  Cooling is accomplished naturally through evaporation.

Durable molded plastic housing provides durability and heavy-duty tires offer increased stability and mobility.

Connects to standard 3/4" garden hose and includes a 25 gallon reservoir for increased portability.

1 HP.

Energy efficient motor and pump, environmentally friendly.

Almost maintenance-free operation.

Air Delivery CFM 11,000/20,000
Pump 1/6hp/ 115v/ 5amp
Dimensions 86"hX75"wX37"d
405 lbs.

(5) Available


Port-A-CoolŽ Evaporative Cooling Unit 16" (#2).

Close up photo pictured right.  If you look closely you can see the mist.  The flow of the mist extends over 6' away from the fan in a full horizontal path.

Mist_Fan_16inch_C.png (1486521 bytes)


Mega BreezeŽ Portable Evaporative Cooling System 48" (#3)


Ideal for tents.  Can be mounted from ceiling, bracket included.

Can cool a 180 sq. ft. area and reduce air temperature by as much as 35 degrees.  Industrial quality misting nozzles.

Attaches to standard 3/4" garden hose.  Also use as an air circulation fan without water.

Single speed
1/10 hp

(10) Available


If your space has no overhead rigging for mounting, but temperature is a concern- consider a pedestal mist fan.

Portable, high-velocity, 2-speed fan with stainless-steel misting ring.

1/2 hp
115 volt
2-speed motor
9350/8125 cfm
Round sturdy base

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