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"T h e   L u c k y   1 4"

We put fourth the all the benefits of Amerifun and allow you to decide.  There are other casino party providers out there...
So how do you determine your best choice?

Here are 14 GREAT REASONS to Book your Casino Event with Amerifun (that the other guys may not offer):

1.) Identifiable, in-house Staff Dealers, over the age of 21 and who are are trained to entertain and trained to casino rules.  Ask about custom necktie colors to coordinate with our black vests.

2.) Genuine Paulson and Chipco Gaming Cheques.  We only offer our clients the absolute finest gaming cheques (chips) in the industry, plain and simple.

Our cheques (chips) are not available in any store and are even farther from plain or lightweight!  All of our professional cheques have the denominations, custom edge spots and specialized inlaid artwork right on the chip.  For added security, our chips are one-of-a-kind gaming cheques with inlays that do not peel off.  There are also no others in public circulation.

Only a handful of casino party providers nationally offer genuine professional gaming cheques.

3.)Chipco Plaque Cheques (high-limit rectangular gaming cheques) - Currently Nation Exclusive to Amerifun.

4.)Chasing Lights/ Neon Lights and matching Fabric Skirting.  This really adds that Las Vegas-feel to the experience.  Tables with Neon Lights are another nation exclusive.  Our tables like to dress up too!

5.)Tight and Clean Professional Gaming Layouts (the cloth on the tables).  Our layouts are always TIGHT, BRIGHT and CLEAN and feature appropriate game-related text.  NEW: Advanced Digital-synthetic Gaming Layouts now in and featured on our Roulette, Blackjack and many of our Craps tables.

All of our tables feature either digital synthetic layouts or wool/nylon blend House Cloth.  We DO NOT offer hobby-felt layouts on our premium tables (but these services are available at a low $10 rental service and are extremely budget-friendly.

6.)Free Cashier Carts, Tellers and Slot Attendants*.

This should go without saying and are just a few of the free extras included from Amerifun.  But don't let it stop there because we are always improving!  For example, new multi-window cashier cage under construction now, please ask if it will be ready for your next event.  Also ask about other items such as Casino Entryways, Trees w/ Lighting, Carpet, Columns, Chandeliers, Fountains or large custom Prop Fabrication.

*Slot Cart also available (not pictured).

7.)Photos/Rates.   This is a rarity out there but not with Amerifun!!  Every piece of our casino equipment is pictured, and listed with rates, on our website for you to review.  For some reason, many companies omit photos of individual games and especially rates from their advertisements.

We believe you should know these things up front:

  • What you are getting.

  • If you are getting the correct rate.

  • If you are getting the best rate.

8.)Direct Owner Participation.  The owner attends every event, and works it!  Often not available with ordinary companies.

9.)No cost, professional Event Management. Save 20% of your budget right up front!

10.)Four different Prize Facilitation Methods including all the tools (tickets, fun money, etc.) included at no additional cost.

11.)Free Hands-on Participation in the preparation and execution of your event wherever you need us (we are not here to charge fees to you for every little thing).  We look forward to working with you and having fun with you every step of the way!

12.)The Largest Selection of Games.   We offer Blackjack, 3 Card, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud, Casino War, Red Dog, Mini Baccarat, Pai Gow, Color Wheel, Chuck-A-Luck, Poker 4', Poker 6', Poker 8', Roulette 6', Roulette 8', Craps 6', Craps 8', Craps 10', Craps 12', Craps 14' , Dog Racing, Pachislo Slot Machines, Pachinko AND Bingo).

13.)Venue Familiarity.  Whatever your facility, chances are we have done an event there and know the protocol.  Also check out our free venue resource.

14.)13+ YEARS EXPERTISE and Counting.  Providing innovative casino night gaming Full Time to the Midwest since 1997 (some companies claim longer but this could be a stretch as they may have been in business that long but have not actually offered casino parties for that length of time - we stood nearly alone in 1997 and have nearly 1000 parties under our belt!).  Settle for Experience - Select AmeriFUN! 

Thank You for your consideration!

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